About AsiaRecall

Product recalls are one of the most critical and business-impacting events for a company, and will have long-lasting consequences for the company and its brand. As such, having a robust product recall plan, as well as access to qualified and experienced partners, is key to damage control and achieving successful outcomes in these critical situations.

AsiaRecall is the go-to partner on the ground to help ensure that your product recalls are well-executed and drive predictable results. Companies rely on us and our partners to deliver rapid responses and solutions to smoothen and accelerate the recovery process.

Successful product recall management begins with a robust plan. A successful outcome is ensured through a strong product recall team that is centrally managed and formed through a network of partners with deep domain expertise. 

1. Recall Strategy & SOP

Establish clear action steps, KPIs, key partners & task owners.

2. Activation

Phase 1 activation, adjustment for actual event variables/factors, integration with other key activities & stakeholders.

3. Continuous Monitoring

Capacity and effectiveness monitoring, phase 2 roll-out, immediate "stop-gap" actions.

4. Optimization

Identify strategic changes during recall to increase effectiveness, change management.

5. Brand Recovery

Market feedback and delivery of key messages to minimise future business impact, brand strengthening opportunity.


Your product recall team